Saturday, May 12, 2007

Web Resource Review 2

Art security and RFID asset tag systems from ISIS
Products for the Art World

I visited the ISIS website due to an interest in artwork security in museums.

The main page offers the visitor a few options (without flummoxing them), as it's clearly laid out, and divided into four main sections. It caters for someone seeking the latest news and reports about RFID's uses and strengths while separating its products between the art world and business world's requirements.

Clicking on MORE for the latest news, profiles a prestigious National Art Gallery’s choice to adopt RFID technology for security purposes. Due to some security negligence, the Gallery decided to install small RFID tags on to the back of the artworks which 'check in’ to a central security network every 15 seconds. It’s a preventative approach and, if a tag fails to log in, the nearest security guards are notified. This example acts as a device to reaffirm that we’ve come to the right place when looking for successful art security technology, while offering new ideas about applications.

Unfortunately, this article is made available courtesy of the RFID Journal, and if one wants to read more, they would need to subscribe to the Journal.

Basically, ISIS appears to be using the technology in an unsophisticated way as a simple alarm system but masquerading it as cutting edge, and aiming it toward a niche market, eg RFID security for your 'private art collection on yachts'.
Whilst security is essential to the large public art gallery scenario - aspects of this marketing is rather impartial and overpowering.

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