Saturday, May 12, 2007

Web Resource Review 1

Vanskee RFID Solutions

The company (who sell RFID technology products) has a home page, which presents an array of services, from images of feature products, to possibilities that RFID technology can achieve. I am interested in gaining a working understanding of RFID technology and to explore its practical applications within an Art Gallery and Museum security situation. Ideally I’m looking for a good reference resource.

Therefore, clicking on the label RFID-101 reveals a list of RFID concerns - from definitions, purposes and advantages, through to specific considerations like choosing the type of hardware, or installation procedures.

This subject list with indentations, resembles a drill-down search strategy, (from broad to narrow), which makes RFID-101 suitable for beginners and more advanced inquiries. It's layout reveals how the components and terminology that one discovers via the 'Vital Vocabulary' (see glossary) fit together - thus creating a diagrammatic explanation of the technology itself. My only criticism is that you can't click on the topic you want to pursue and be taken directly to it - some manual scrolling is still required, but at least this leaves the chance for 'serendipity' to occur.

The labels from the home page remain at the top of the screen, (similar to a letter head), so that at any stage you can see your options and make further decisions about where to go. I recommend RFID-101 as a sound resource because as the name suggests, its a good introduction to the topic, and would be useful when demonstrating RFID’s potentiality to new-comers.

Welcome to Vanskee. RFID 101. (n.d.). Retrieved May 5, 2007, from

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